I Want You To Always Be You
SIMON: You said to her once that you thought you could change things around here. KIEREN: I'd like to. But...But there's nothing for me here. SIMON: There's your family. There's Amy. (gets closer) There's me. Simon puts his hand around Kieren's shoulder. It's a seductive move. Kieren looks at Simon, startled. Oh. Oh?!
'Sois sérieux.' 'Je suis farouche.'

Hey there. I'm Gaby and I'm a person who is currently living in a blisteringly hot lump of a country called Australia.

Hey there. I'm Gaby and I'm a person who is currently living in a blisteringly hot lump of a country called Australia.


The thing on the back says:

The battle against authoritarianism leaves hardly any time for getting fresh and fragrant, however, radicals have to cleanse themselves sometimes, not of their romantic views of idealism and utopianism, but of the sweat and grime that goes hand in hand with protesting and fighting to overthrow maniacal despots (who shower in their Italian marble palaces of steam) and oppressive right-wing military juntasm which is why this socialist gel is endorsed by the memborship of the WRP (Washer’s Revolutionary Party).

I smell like Enjolras

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Je ne comprends que  l ’ a m o u r  et  l a  l i b e r t é .


Musicals in Real Life: Les Miserables! Javert might be a little too intense… (W/ Kyle Tapley ) 🎭

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tumblr sizes my doodles weird whoops

R n flowers durrr

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"you can’t blame all white people for slavery" and you can’t blame all muslims for 9/11 but that don’t stop you

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“I need more Richard Armitage on my dash” (1119 of ?)

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Little Legolas: I love you dad!
Thranduil: I love myself as well, son.
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wanted: someone to talk to me bcause I’m lonely rn


*aging comedian voice* iced coffee?? whats next iced chicken??? i remember when i was young now it seems like so long ago no one pays attention to people my age i’m scared of dying soon also i’m a little racist

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